Jazyková škola

Language School - Courses

The school organizes courses of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian for adults and young people. Tuition is based on curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education. Tuition is organized in the form of courses. The maximum number of students is 20, the minimum number is set individually.

The following courses are offered at the Language School:

  • basic courses
    courses for beginners, the essentials of the language,
  • intermediate and advanced courses
    to increase the language knowledge,
  • specialized courses
    language for special purposes (business English, business German etc.),
  • preparation courses
    courses preparing the students for the state exams (basic and advanced),
  • conversation courses
    conversation with native lecturers,
  • super intensive courses
    six months´ intensive courses the objective of which is making oneself understood in everyday situations. Homework is a part of the tuition,
  • two months´ preparation courses for state exams
    30 hours´ courses the purpose of which is preparation for the written part of the state exam. No preparation for the oral part,
  • company courses
    courses organized according to the wishes of the customers. The courses may be held on the company´s premises,
  • one year daily courses
    intensive courses, preparing the students for the basic state exam at the language school,
  • state exams basic and advanced
    applications by 30 September (autumn term) and by 31 March (spring term).

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