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Financial Management

Form of study:

daily (3 years)

The graduates of Extension Studies expand the knowledge and skills gained in secondary school in the fields of economic subjects, according to their specialization, and in the field of general subjects.

Core subjects:

  • accounting
  • economics
  • financial management
  • business law
  • foreign languages
  • psychology and sociology

Working opportunities:

Chief executives and managers, experts in the field of finance, accounting, budgeting, invoicing, costs and pricing, labour and salaries, statistics, personnel departments, business representation, tax consultants, tax inspectors and social insurance.

System of study:

The system is similar to the university system. Assessment is based on exams and credits.

Entrance conditions:

Only applicants with complete secondary or secondary vocational education are admitted.

Entrance examinations:

The entrance examination is a part of the selection procedure. The entrance examination consists of:

  • test in mathematics and logics
  • foreign language test (English or German)
  • general knowledge test, interest in the branch of studies

Completion of Studies:

The studies are closed by a special graduation exam consisting of theoretical exam in economic subjects, foreign language exam, thesis and viva voce. The graduate receives the title "Certified Specialist in the Field", the abbreviation "DiS." is written after their name.


The fee for one academic year is paid in September - CZK 3,000.

Accomodation and board:

The school will help to provide accomodation and board for the students in cooperation with other schools in town. More information is available at the Extension Studies department (Ms Martincová, Dep. Principal Ing. Prášil).

Work experience is carried out during the second and third year in companies chosen by the students. In the second year an introductory 1 month experience, in the third year a long term work experience - 3.5 months. A part of the work experience is carried out abroad.

The entrance procedure fee is CZK 200. The receipt is required before the exam.

Financial Management

Form of study:

distance (4 years)

It is a four year study in the form of consultations (6 hours a week, approximately 200 hours a year).

Core subjects:

  • financial management
  • accounting
  • economics
  • computing
  • foreign languages

Assessment is based on exams and credits. The whole study is closed by a specialized graduation exam, which consists of a specialized theoretical exam, foreign language exam and viva voce of the thesis. The graduates receive the title "Certified Specialist in Field", the abbreviation - DiS.

Graduates can work as specialists in the field of finance, accounting, wages, as agents, tax consultants, heads of departments, in civil service, trade, banking, heads of accounting companies etc.

Extension Studies students take an active part in the Leonardo Project (England).
The school together with Mladá Boleslav Town Council have declared an interest to set up a college with bachelor´s programme in cooperation with the College of Economics in Prague.

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